Who is paying for my neighbors solar project?

Many people rely on the Federal and State Tax Credit to help them offset the cost of their residential solar project. There is a big misconception on what this "assistance" really is as many people feel it is the Government subsidizing someone to help pay for their personal project by taking money that comes out of the pockets of all the other tax payers. 

Both the Federal and State Tax Credits are wholly dependent on the tax liability of a homeowner. This means that the credit is actually money that homeowner has already paid into federal and state taxes being returned to them. No one that receives these tax credits is taking extra money back that was never paid in the form of personal taxes. 

Taxes are paid to help build our cities and strengthen our infrastructure. As a homeowner installs solar, we are building an energy infrastructure on a micro-grid level that utilities should embrace and encourage. Progress is needed when you realize our current infastructure was designed a century ago! 


Listen to our customers!

Hearing from our customers speaks volumes. We can always speak highly of ourselves and our offering in the solar market, but to have that consistently backed up by every customer we work with says far more. Check out our reviews on solarreviews.com as well as Facebook. 

We are unwavering in our pursuit to make sure that homeowners aren't just educated on how to sign an agreement. We make sure in every visit with our customers that they are left with quality education on solar and how it can benefit them financially both in long term and short term savings. Listen to one of our customers as a testament of this goal.


Who is Genuine Solar?

Welcome to our blog, we are excited to help you find out a little more about Genuine Solar, who we are, what we do, and what inspired us to be in the solar/renewable energy industry.

It all started with two guys, GB Burningham and Shane Benson, with a combined 18 years in the sales industry that had enough with the attitude of get rich quick and do it at the expense of customers and employees. After many attempts to positively influence and build other ventures it became apparent the only way to ensure that a sale was done with integrity, and with both the customer and employee treated fairly, was to take control of the entire process. We would live or die as a business by standing behind a philosophy that treats everyone involved as if they were our own families.

With extensive experience in marketing, GB was able to create a sales process based on educating the customer about solar, it's benefits, and how to best move forward towards energy independence. Shane was able to bring ample knowledge of operations to the company to make sure our customers received the most correct information followed up by the best installation and warranties in the industry.

After vetting numerous installation partners, we were able to find a team that shared our philosophy and was already seasoned in the solar industry having installed both large commercial projects down to a variety of different residential projects. We now have the ability to offer tier one solar products backed by a true 25 year warranty.

We searched far and wide for a name that would fit us and our vision. We pondered many and were able to find the perfect fit in Genuine Solar. We want all of our customers to know that what we offer is not a high pressure sale, but an opportunity to lend information and education so that you as a homeowner can make the best decision possible based on truth and facts. When we leave your home, we hope you will have only one word to express your experience, genuine.