Who is paying for my neighbors solar project?

Many people rely on the Federal and State Tax Credit to help them offset the cost of their residential solar project. There is a big misconception on what this "assistance" really is as many people feel it is the Government subsidizing someone to help pay for their personal project by taking money that comes out of the pockets of all the other tax payers. 

Both the Federal and State Tax Credits are wholly dependent on the tax liability of a homeowner. This means that the credit is actually money that homeowner has already paid into federal and state taxes being returned to them. No one that receives these tax credits is taking extra money back that was never paid in the form of personal taxes. 

Taxes are paid to help build our cities and strengthen our infrastructure. As a homeowner installs solar, we are building an energy infrastructure on a micro-grid level that utilities should embrace and encourage. Progress is needed when you realize our current infastructure was designed a century ago!