Looks good.  Performs better.

Be the hero of clean air for years to come - equipment is key


Solar panelS

We use tier one solar panels: tested for longevity, durability and efficiency with warranties to back them up.


power inverterS

We accommodate your power needs with a solution that fits best for your home and your pocket.  By using high quality inverters, we will ensure you get the production you need in.


Mounting systems

Made to withstand high winds, steep roof pitches and snow, our racking makes sure your panels are secure while looking great. We guarantee our workmanship and quality every step of the way. No leaky roofs here!

I have loved working with Genuine Solar. They were always punctual, friendly and reliable. I also really love saving money and the environment so they were a perfect fit. They beat out all other offers and were willing to work with me to get me exactly what I wanted.
— Solargirl32

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